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Roof, Siding, Paint….Oh My!


It’s coming along folks!  The roof has been replaced, we already like it so much better.  We were super impressed when the workers got started right at 8am and when Brian met the siding guy at 2pm later that day they were done!  Wow!  A whole roof in 6 hours.  He texted me a picture:


The siding is in the process of being replaced.  They’re removing the rotted/water damaged fiberboard siding that was on there and replacing it with Hardi-plank.  Expensive, but worth it.

That should take a few more days and then they’ll prepare the house for painting.  After that they’ll get the new gutters up and we should be good to go!

We had quite the rain this weekend and the roof showed no sign of leaking.  The only casualty so far was my poor Japanese maple :(.  The top of the tree got taken off, so we’ll need to have it replaced.  Am I the only one that gets sentimental over plants you’ve planted yourself and watched grow for a year or two?  Other than that it’s been smooth sailing.  Now if this wet weather would clear out so they can finish up the siding!

We’re hoping this project will be done before October 14th when we have some friends coming to stay with us for a few weeks!  Otherwise, I think it will be chaos around the Lowther casa.  I apologize for the infrequent updating.  Life’s been busy.


Biting the Bullet!


Well, Brian and I are biting the bullet and are preparing to move forward with painting our house and replacing our roof!  Being in the HOA management field, it is pretty much required that I properly follow all our HOA rules and go through the proper channels to get our house painting and roof replacement projects approved.  Therefore, we are preparing to submit our architectural appliation for review and we are pumped!

You may remember that waaaaay back in May we published this post about potential house colors.  That was really just our first attempt at throwing out paint colors and mulling them over.  Well, now that it’s been about 3 months we have had time to narrow down our pallette and we think we are pretty set on what we’ve chosen.  We’re set enough to go through the ARC process with the colors, so here’s hoping it turns out as well as we’re envisioning!

So, using the same program we used previously, we slapped on the new colors to visualize what our house might look like.  Here is the before and after, for your viewing pleasure. 

This is what our house looks like right now. We’re excited about changing it up!

Dovetail Siding with Tricorn Black Shutters, Extra White Trim and Plum Brown Door. The roof will be replaced with Charcoal architectural shingles (not what is pictured)

So, what do you think?  After we get it approved by the ARC we hope to move forward with our contractor.  If all goes well we may have a “new” home by the end of September!