April 2002: Debbie is in Panama City Beach, FL with Campus Crusade for Christ for spring Break.  Her friend Alice introduces her to a tall friend on a bridge in the resort where we are staying.  Debbie cordially greets him and goes about her merry way.

August 2002-Fall 2003: Becky (Debbie’s twin) keeps talking about Brian Lowther, her friend.  She points him out in crowds (“the tall guy”), shows Debbie pictures, etc. and she has no clue who Becky is talking about.

December 2003: Becky holds a Christmas party at her house.  Tall guy and another guy come to the party.  Becky shares with Debbie that she kind of likes this guy named Jack. Debbie asks her, “the taller or shorter one.” She tells Debbie the shorter one.  Debbie secretly wonders why not the taller one.  Debbie realizes this is Brian Lowther, the guy Becky’s been friends with and telling Debbie about for over a year and the guy she’d met the previous spring break in passing.

May 2004: Debbie prepares to go overseas with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Tells Brian (whom she has never really spent any time with regardless that he is one of her twin sister’s good friends) about the trip.  He graciously says he will support her by buying her a backpack for the trip.

September 2004-May 2005: Intermittent chats between Debbie & Brian while she’s overseas.  Oh yeah, AIM was still going strong back then.  Brian is finishing up his senior year of college, Debbie is coming home from Central Asia.  Debbie realizes she has a plane ticket back to the US but not back to Raleigh.  Whoops.  Debbie sends a chat to Brian and asks him to purchase her a ticket (using her own credit card).

June 2005: Debbie and Brian begin hanging out because Becky’s twin and Jack are now engaged and Jack & Brian are good friends.  It’s only natural.  To get to know the guy that will be marrying her twin, Debbie has to hang out with him and where there’s Jack there’s Brian.

July 2005: Brian and Debbie spend their first day together.  July 4, 2005.  They realize they like each other.  Brian takes Debbie on their first date, Lucky 32s and a drive to the park.  The police come and ask them to leave the park because it was after dusk.  They go for a drive and Brian asks Debbie if he can pursue her to date her seriously.  She says yes.

September 2005: Debbie heads back to Central Asia.  Brian begins his first year of grad school.

October 2005:  Stress of living 11 time zones apart wears thin and this fairytale comes to an abrupt end.

December 2005: Brian and Debbie are forced to see one another as best man and maid of honor in Jack & Becky’s wedding.

April 2006: Debbie learns she is coming home early from Central Asia.  Through a series of conversations she convinces Brian to meet her at the airport.

May 2006: After rekindling their friendship Brian and Debbie realize they should give the whole dating thing another chance.

July 2007: Exactly 3 years to the day, Brian asks Debbie to be his bride.  She immediately answers, “Are you serious?!” and “Did you ask my dad?”.  He answers affirmative to both and she happily accepts.

March 1, 2008: Brian and Debbie tie the knot.

1 John 3:18: Little children, let us not love in word or talk, but in deed and in truth.  Debbie & Brian make this their marriage verse.  Life is more about just saying you love someone, it’s about showing it to them as well.  This is how we strive to live our lives.  Showing the world the love of Christ by our deeds and with truth.

Thanks for reading our story.  Our God is truly amazing!


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