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Merry Christmas 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…



Hit me with your best shot!


If you haven’t already ventured over to our baby blog…now might be the time to do so.  We find out the gender of Little Lowther on Monday so we’re taking votes on what you think we’re having!  Cast your vote by clicking here.

A house update is in the works.  Stay tuned.

Important: Do Not Lose


So, we’re headed to Africa in 16 days.  Whoa.

We have been meeting with our teammates every week for the past few weeks to  pray, learn stories and prepare for our trip.  I’m thankful to be going with a group of folks that are well-organized and on top of things.  They can help the more scatter-brained (like I can be at times) make sure they have all their ducks in a row before traveling internationally to a third-world country.

Example of a scatter-brained moment.

One of the items REQUIRED to get into the country we’ll be traveling to is the yellow international vaccination card, seen below.

I’m pretty sure my teammates were thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me–we’re traveling with this girl?” when I announced last night at our meeting, “Hmm, I’m not sure where my vaccination card is.”  I had had it in my possession for all of 1 week and could not recall what I had done with it.

Luckily, I checked my purse this morning and realized I hadn’t been too crazy with it.  I found it safely tucked away inside a book acting as a bookmark.  Shew, didn’t have to go back to the urgent care and beg for a new one.  When I get home, I’ll make sure to put it in a safe place, like inside my passport, or something.

We’re pumped that the trip is coming up.  Slightly freaked out that its less than 2 1/2 weeks away.  But thrilled that we have the opportunity to have beautiful feet and take the good news to an unreached people group!



So, I got a little tired of working in Blogger.  So I’ve made the switch to WordPress.  Actually, at my job we’re currently doing quite a few “blogs” through WordPress and as I’ve been required to fiddle around with it and learn it I decided I liked the functionality, customization and layout better than Blogger so I decided to give it a go for my personal blog, as well.

Looking forward to this new phase of The Lowthers.



Gearing up for a very FRIGID trip to Beech Mountain on Monday.  Check this out!


Whoa!  Hi of 17, low of 3.  Yikes.

Here’s hoping I get (and remain) nice and warm trying to stay on my feet!

If I don’t catch you before, Happy New Year everyone!!


the blog has been silent for a few days…ok weeks.  but never fear, we’ve been busy.  and i have like 3 or 4 posts floating around in my head that i just haven’t taken the time to write out and upload.  i’m working on it.  check back in a day or so and you might find some interesting tidbit to read :).

Sorry, I’m a slacker!

Rugged Maniac Take 2


So my previous post about the Rugged Maniac 5k we ran in March just wouldn’t be complete without some action shots!  Yes, yes, I know there is a watermark on these pictures.  That’s b/c I kinda snipped them from the website.  Anyway, whatever.

A little balancing act:

brian balanceCathering Balancejoey balancekristin balanceme balance

I like seeing how everyone tackled the slippery plank.  And it’s hilarious how covered in mud we all were.




Ready Set Go

The slide was the last obstacle we went through.  It was nice to get a lot of the caked-on mud washed off :).  Hehe. 

These next pictures are interesting (and hilarious) as they pretty well depict what was going through our heads as we went down!

bloody murder  Catherine…not so sure about this thing, screaming bloody murder all the way down!  Love it!  Makes me laugh every time.

Brian sliding Brian trying to slow himself down, thinking oh crap!! 

Joey slidingkristin sliding Joey & Kristin thinking, I’m supposed to enjoy this, right?!

Weeeee Me thinking, WEEEEEEeeeee, this is awesome!!  Oblivious of anything other than the thrill of the ride!

There are many other pictures but I thought these captured a lot of the essence of the race.  So fun.