We’re two 30 somethings (ok hubs hasn’t made it to 30 quite yet), living out our lives hoping to glorify Christ in the way we do it.  We’ve been married just over 4 years now and bought our home 3 years ago.  We enjoy doing projects, now and then, around the house.  So you’ll see a few things like that posted here.  My husband is the resident designer, decorator, implementer in our family.  Not sure what I am, but I lend my support in any way I can!

We’re active in our church and love being a part of such an amazing body of believers.  We’ve been through our share of ups and downs during our married life and couldn’t have faced it all without the love and support of our faith family, true family and friends. We hope to share our musings on faith here some too.

Brian is an environmental engineer.  How is he the resident designer/decorator you might ask?  Well, he may have math-smarts but he also has art-smarts too.  I guess he was blessed with a split personality from his parents (dad’s an engineer, mom’s a preschool teacher).  In any case, I think his split personality serves him very well!

I’m a community manager.  Talk about customer service!  I deal with homeowners, day in and day out.  It can be quite the stresser; but it is also immensely rewarding when you’ve tangibly helped someone or a neighborhood as a whole.  I guess I’m more the manager of the family.  Making sure bills are paid, budgets are kept up (though I’m not great at that job), etc.  I am good when I’m given direction.  I kind of flounder aimlessly, otherwise.

UPDATE:  This family of two will become a family of three in April 2013!  We are expecting our first and we are thrilled!

I think we make a good pair.  We’re thankful God brought us together to navigate this thing called life.  Check out more of our story here.

This blog is mostly a place for me, the external processor, to share photos, ideas, thoughts, experiences and whatnot with the general public.  Sounds weird; I agree.  Oh well, it is kind of fun to have friends along for the journey.  I’m an extrovert and am energized (to a certain extent) by being around people.  So, thanks for coming along for the ride; I hope I don’t bore you too much along the way!

I'm curious about your thoughts; leave a comment!

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