Oh the places you’ll go…


Proud of my husband, today!  He started his new job this morning.  And while he sure does miss the great folks he worked with at DENR he has uncomplainingly stepped into this new role.  We are sure it will probably mean more hours, longer work days, fewer vacation days and less flexibility.  But I am thankful he’s willing to make that sacrifice for our family.  It also means a more formal dress code, too!  Looks like a shopping spree might be on our horizon!

He’s got a nice view from his office, though, which is a nice upgrade to the cinder block walls and sparse windows of his old employment.

I know he already misses his old coworkers and job.  He made some good friends there and they were all sad to see him leave; evidenced by the kind words they wrote him at his going away lunch.  Brian, I just want you to know how thankful I am for the decisions you make for our family!  I’m excited to see what plans God has in store for you in this new place and how you are going to be used to be a light to a whole new group of people.  Thankful for you.  Love you!

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