Things Don’t Always Go As Planned…


Hey everyone! Well, we made it to Africa!  But there has been a slight delay in our travels and we are learning to take things in stride.  Traveling abroad is definitely different than traveling state-side!

One major truth we have been reminding one another of is that God is sovereign. Over all things.  He is not surprised that we missed a flight. He is not surprised at the timing of things. He is in control. His plans cannot be thwarted!

Brian mentioned today that this has already been a period of faith stretching–here, we are utterly dependent on God.  We are, moment by moment, brought face to face with that reality.  Not knowing the language, our way around town, the workings of the way of things here leaves us completely dependent on our trust and faith in the Lord.

We are confident that the Lord has brought each of us here to be a part of a great work he has prepared in advance for us.  It may not be in the way we thought or imagined it to be, but one thing is for sure–God is not wasting this opportunity to teach us valuable lessons, stretch our faith, and deepen our dependence on Him alone!

Please continue to pray for our team. Pray we would be able to reach our final destination quickly and safely tomorrow, so we can dive into ministry!

You might be wondering how I am updating this blog…well, missing your flight affords you a night in a pretty nice, western-style hotel with free internet access :)

Team spirits are up. We just finished a nice meal at the hotel where Brian & Julie had steak and Jason & I had beef wok (like beef stir fry).  We are feeling well rested.  We got to watch some English movies with Arabic subtitles :) and we are enjoying the air conditioning while we can!

Thanks again, everyone for covering us in prayer!  You are loved!!

PS: please excuse any typing or grammar errors…typing on a French keyboard (I didn’t know they had such a thing!) :)


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  1. thx for the update debbie…i can’t wait to see pictures once yall return! lilly jo and i have been praying for yall today (i showed her the picture of you guys with the kennedy’s) and she said she wanted to go see yall in senengal:) i told her, another time perhaps:)
    heard you may run into the president of senegal…fancy that?!

    love yall!

  2. Prayers for getting there (or just being there) and getting it done…. in God’s time in His way in the place of His choosing!

  3. Just saw this post. What a great thing to read. Thankful y’all went and thankful for the fruit! love y’all!!

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