Why Africa?


I remember one time, while living in Central Asia, talking to my teammates about Africa.  I distinctly remember stating, “I don’t think I’ll ever go to Africa…I just don’t feel called there, nor does it interest me all that much.”

Wow, really?  I said that?  But thinking back, I believe the heart behind my comment was based more on the fact that when talking about missions most people tend to immediately picture the starving children of Africa as the neediest people to take the light of Christ to.  At the time I made the above comment, I was living in a very difficult place, surrounded by darkness and spiritual oppression.  I was serving on a team that had barely got enough volunteers to even proceed with the trip.  I could see that people were not beating down the door to go the Central Asia.

That was years ago.  And God has really worked in my life and in my heart to help me recognize that missions isn’t just going to some faraway place that no one else is going to.  It involves, as I was recently reminded in a sermon at my church, coming and seeing AND going and telling.  My life should be such that people that don’t follow Christ can come and see in me a difference.  A difference in my priorities, a difference in my speech, a difference in the way I live my life, serve my husband, love others. And desire that.  Come and see how Christ has changed my life, healed my marriage, strengthened my resolve to not live for myself.  Sharing Christ is an everyday effort of loving my coworkers, even when it’s difficult; it’s not being ashamed of the gospel; it’s serving and putting others first even when I’m tired, needy, selfish.

And it is also, Go and Tell.  I used to think that in order to go you had to be “called”.  But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.  My attitude is more, “I’m ready to go and Lord, if you don’t want me to, then please close the door and make it obvious.”

So, why Africa?  Because.  Our church has partnered with an unreached/unengaged people group in a country in Western Africa.  This people group is something like 0.06% reached.  Pretty significant.  So, because our church has partnered with them I (and Brian) see this as a great opportunity to go.  We are willing to sacrifice our time, talents, treasures ($), etc. to further the light of Christ.  We’re a part of team 2 and we leave in 8 days!

I know this is a pretty short explanation of why we’re going.  But it really just boils down to, “Why not Africa?”  In the words of Lecrae, “Send me, I’ll go, lemme go, lemme go!”


I'm curious about your thoughts; leave a comment!

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