Africa Awesome


We’re getting ever closer to Africa preparedness.  The culture of the country we will be visiting is quite a bit different than ours in myriad ways.  One such way is in the clothing the women wear.  Unlike American culture where shorts and tank tops are the norm on 100+* days, the women in West Africa traditionally wear long skirts or dresses.  Showing the ankle is a very risque thing to do.  Making mental preparations to be ok with sweating. A lot.

So, Julie and I will be donning long skirts and dresses for our time in country.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of clothing (that we would most likely not wear again while in America) because our friend Kate, who used to live in the country we’re going to, still has multiple dresses/skirts left over from her time there.  So today, the Kennedys and Lowthers spent a little time playing dress up.

Oh yes, Jason & Brian WILL be wearing those awesome pants at least one day during the trip.  I think it’s some sort of missionary initiation requirement.  Or something :).  I think we have nailed down the “outfits’ we will need for each day we are in country.  Yippee!

T-minus 13 days!


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