Dye Job: Africa


Africa is looming.  In exactly 2 weeks we will be boarding a plane and heading across the Atlantic.  We’re pumped!  Still learning our stories and preparing for our trip.  I did a bit of shopping at Target yesterday.  Initially the trip to Target was for general toiletry items and cleaning supplies we had run out of.  But who can pass up the handy travel aisle without taking a peek?  This girl can’t.

I picked up a few things, like travel face make-up remover wipes, travel sized sunscreen (cause it’s gonna be like 100*), travel face lotion, etc.  While I was there, I also browsed the skirts and found a really fairly cute ankle-length skirt that I might even be seen wearing in the States!

Finding clothes to take for the trip is one of the challenges in planning.  Legs are considered sexual where we’re going and women do not wear pants; so Julie and I will need to wear long dresses or skirts of which neither of us have in our wardrobe.  But I’m not the only one struggling to figure out what to wear on the trip.

Brian has dilemmas of his own…like having to wear chacos/flip flops.  This is tough for my tennis shoes and socks loving husband.  That and he doesn’t really have many “grubby” clothes that he can sweat in/sit in the dirt in/wear multiple days in a row.  The guys will likely be wearing khaki pants and three-button shirts every day.  Brian, being the crafty/designer/ingenuitive person that he is decided to remedy the conundrum of what shirts to wear by dying one of his old Lacoste shirts.

 He had a teal blue fake Lacoste shirt that he got off Ebay years ago.  It’s always been one of his favorite shirts but he stained it somewhere along the way and was pretty bummed.  Well, he got a real teal Lacoste shirt for his birthday so in lieu of throwing out the fake one he decided to dye it black.  I’d say it turned out pretty well.

Started off teal, then went into the pot and came out black!

 Great job, Brian!  Now, gotta figure out how to pack for a week in just a school backpack…


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