Need your Opinion!


So, Brian and I are preparing to paint the exterior of our home!  We’re excited and daunted at the same time.  We need your help!  Below are a few ideas we’re throwing around for updating the colors on our siding, shutters and doors.  We can’t decide if what we’ve picked is wonky or right-on!  Let us know what you think!
There’s a few so bear with me!

Classic French Gray w/ Needlepoint Shutters (1)

Storm Cloud w/ Black Swan (2)

Night Owl w/ Iron Ore, Decisive Yellow Door (3)

Peppercorn w/ Naval (4)

Proper Gray w/ Folkstone, Nappery Door (5)

Serious Gray w/ Web Gray (6)

Smoky Blue w/ Cyperspace (7)
Wall Street w/ Naval (8)

Ready, set, vote!  And these colors are far from set.  We may end up with none of these!


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  1. night owl (3) or maybe proper (5). but the yellow in this pic is crazy bright and stands out…i like the idea of a yellow door but maybe not a yellow door but with the colors from (3) fun fun!

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