Bedroom Makeover: Frames


We knew we wanted to put something over the bed.  We tossed around a few ideas and settled with a frame collage.  We brainstormed ideas of where to get inexpensive frames.  We were working on a fairly tight budget for this project.  Brian’s mom offered some old off-white and brown frames that she had in her attic.  We pounced on them.
Once again, we turned to trusty spray paint to get them looking a little more modern and our style.  You’ll notice we chose another bold color.  As I reveal more of the room you’ll understand that the blinds and the frames are the brightest pops of color.  So we figured it would be ok to make them a statement.
frames beforeframes during
I guess you get a better shot of the blue blinds here too.  Sorry, again, can’t give you a great shot because it would reveal too many other things. Once we got the frames on the wall we had to decide what we wanted to put in them.  Below shows what made the final cut.  In order starting clockwise from top left: Washington Monument, NM (some huge field, sorry Bec can’t remember the name of it), Ferris Wheel on Santa Monica pier, wedding photo, NM sky, Savannah staircase, NM highway (it’s hard to see, even in person).
frames after
The frames may look crooked in this photo…but believe me; Brian did an excellent job measuring and leveling to make sure they came out juuuust right.  We like them. 


I'm curious about your thoughts; leave a comment!

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