Bedroom Makeover: Blinds


So, another item we made over in the bedroom was our blinds.  We originally had these ugly orangebrown wooden blinds.

blinds before  Ick.

We saw this on Pinterest and wondered out loud if it was really doable to paint your blinds.  Our verbal processing went something like this:

DH: sure, let’s try it.
Me: really? won’t it turn out kinda crappy?
DH: nah, we’ll just lay them flat and spray paint them.
Me: what about the edges and sides?  we should take each slat out to paint them.
DH: good point.  and while you’re at it wash them off (they still had dust on them from our ceiling job we did 3 years ago…ack!)
Me: well, I guess here goes.  and if we hate it we can just go buy new blinds.

blinds during  There was SO much spray paint dust. Everywhere. Even got some blue boogers…

About mid-project, we realized these blinds, although ugly, were rather expensive being real wood and all.  Periodically had project-remorse until they were finished.

IMG_5677  What do you think?  Sorry; I would show you more, but it would reveal too much of the other make over items.  You’ll see them in a later post and if you don’t have an opinion yet you can let me know later.

I think it took about a week to get everything painted and cured.  We ran through about 8 cans of spray paint for this project.  Definitely wasn’t cheap, but way faster, smoother and easier than brushing them.


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