Off to see The Hunger Games tonight with a few coworkers!  Excited.  Hoping the movie isn’t a let down from the book.  Looking forward to dinner downtown and my 2nd movie experience at the IMAX.  Was talking to Brian about the movie and both agree it’s pretty cool that several scenes were filmed right here in NC.

Makes me think about how much I enjoy this state and love living in a beautiful place.

Also looking forward to some Chinese cooking this weekend!  Our Chinese-American friend, James, is taking us to the Asian Market and is going to teach a group of us white kids how to make dumplings and Won Ton!  Woo!  Looking forward to a fun time of fellowship and I’m sure some funny mistakes and stories along the way with good friends.

So thankful this week is coming to a close and the weather keeps getting better and better.  Wearing a pink dress today that makes me feel like Spring.  Ordered some new shoes for the warmer weather.  Bring on summertime!


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