Sleep Deprived

Been sleep deprived lately.  I haven’t been sleeping soundly very well the last couple of weeks.  Stress?  A good book I can’t put down?  Whatever it is, it’s not fun.  And most likely, it’s a little of both those issues.
I woke up an hour early yesterday to prepare some meatballs for our office lunch and even though I fell asleep at 9:45 last night I’m still feeling the gritty eyes and foggy head.  You know the feeling, where you just want to put your head down on your desk and take a catnap?  Or, you can’t really process something with full comprehension because your thoughts kinda wander into la-la land.  Yeah.  That’s me.
Thankful tomorrow is Friday.  But don’t want to wish away my weeks longing for each weekend.  Glad it’s light out later these days.  I am such a lover of the light…and warmth.
Hope your week’s been livelier than mine!

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