It’s Coming Along


Our bedroom, that is.

In other news: Brian and I celebrate 4 years of marriage this week!  Whoa!  Exciting!  God is good.  He’s brought us through a lot these last 4 years and I can honestly say the things we’ve experienced in our short time as a married couple are more than I ever expected to go through, ever.  Through it all, our Lord has remained faithful, even when we aren’t.  Couldn’t have done it without Him!

As part of our 4 year anniversary celebration, Brian and I decided to do a bedroom make over.  The make over includes: new bed sheets, new duvet, new art on the walls (new, considering we haven’t put anything on the walls yet), a fun, spruced up set of blinds, new table and chair, new accent lamps, and new bathroom towels & floor mats. 

We  haven’t finished it all yet so no pictures.  But we did spend a little time this weekend working towards our end goal.  We also hit the American Tobacco Trail with our friend, Seth.  It was our first run in about 3 weeks or so.  Although it wasn’t in the 70’s like it had been the day before, the weather was clear, brisk and windy, it was definitely ideal for a jog!


Looking forward to a relaxing, meeting-less week this week!


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