Sneak Peak-Snowboarding Edition

(Pun intended)
I’m working on a montage that will hopefully be done by…well, I’m not going to make any promises.  Editing 62 videos + perfectionist/not having a great editing program = I have no idea when I’ll actually get it finished.
Because there won’t be any commentary on the montage (most likely) here’s a brief rundown of our trip to CO.
A few months back Becky and I, bemoaning the fact that we’ll be turning 30 soon (as in today-if you’re reading this on Feb. 5th, eek!), decided we needed to do it up big.  Unlike our older sister who celebrated her 30th on her own on a solo trip to the beach, I think subconsciously I wanted to remind myself that you’re only as old as you feel.  So we started brainstorming what kind of fun things we could get into. 
We threw out ideas of going to Lake Tahoe but decided that heading somewhere closer to where Jack & Becky live would ultimate be cheaper and just as adventurous!  We planned to go to NM and then trek up to CO and hit the slopes at Wolf Creek for a little snowboarding.  Only problem?  Brian and I didn’t have any gear nor had we ever tried snowboarding (unless you count the one or two times I went my senior year in college where I mastered getting down the hill in once piece, annnnnd that’s about it). 
So, we bit the bullet and got our own gear!  I mean, doesn’t everyone go all out and buy all the bells and whistles of a new sport they’re getting into?  OK, maybe not.  But after borrowing friends’ gear we decided, why not?

Two practice rounds in Boone later we were ready to head out to the big guns. 
Once we decided to go to Wolf Creek in Pagosa Springs we were on the hunt for a nice VRBO (which I highly recommend over staying in a hotel if you’re going somewhere for several days).  We found the perfect cabin called the Lazy Bear.  It had everything we wanted: enough beds for everyone, a fireplace, a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms AND a hot tub!!
We had 4 nights 5 days in Pagosa and got in 4 days of snowboarding and a day of sledding.  We had a great time, great weather and no one go seriously injured. Except Jack broke his tailbone sledding!  Anyway, here are a few pictures.  Gorgeous views from the top of one of the lifts.


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