Things are Happening

After quite a lull in home improvements, Brian and I are back on the decorating/updating train.  We’re in the process of making some changes to our living room and we finally found a new lamp to replace the broken lamp in our guest room.
I’ll post pictures soon.  The next two weeks are a bit crazy with work stuff.  I’m honestly glad for the change of pace.  You can only surf the internet for so long during a slow workday before you begin to hate it.
I’m reminded, though, not to put my identity in what my house looks like or the things that fill it.  B & I are thankful for the resources to make our house comfortable and hopefully a place where people feel welcome and can find rest.  But we’re also mindful that we are but stewards of the great things God has provided us.  We want to make sure we’re using them for His glory, not ours!
Good reminders here (shorter) and here (longer).

I'm curious about your thoughts; leave a comment!

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