12 Days Til Christmas-Day 7


On the 5th day til Christmas my true love gave to me:

Grace and forgiveness.  Thanks, B for putting up with me!  He asked me an interesting question this morning, “Do you think I extend too much grace to you?”

Of course my initial response was, “Of course not!”  But then I got to thinking and I can see his point.  I can be such a selfish, self-centered person that when he doesn’t call me out on it but instead lets me be, he in fact isn’t helping me grow in maturity and holiness, but he’s allowing me to continue in a pattern of sin that shouldn’t remain.

So, I grudgingly (and this shows my heart!) admitted that, “Yes, sometimes you extend too much grace to me.”

Ok, so the conversation probably didn’t go that nicely or succinctly but that’s how I remember it in my head and I feel like it’s a good reminder that my husband isn’t just here to fluff my feathers.  As iron sharpens iron, so one brother sharpens another (paraphrase of Prov 27:17).

So, once again, thanks, B for being willing to extend grace but recognizing when your wife is just being a brat and needs a bit of sharpening! i <3 u.

Oh, and the whole work thing?  Yeah…this is what I wish I was staring at outside my window….


…instead of this.

But at least I have a window!


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  1. Move out here to NM and you'll be seeing that first picture!! We are forecasted for even more snow today through Friday! Woohoo. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas :) Can't wait for January!! Great post btw.

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