12 Days Til Christmas-Day 3/4


On the 10th & 9th days ’til Christmas my true love gave to me:

This is getting tough.  Can you believe I lay in bed last night pondering what I would write on here today?  I think it’s mostly because I can’t imagine being “given” something for 12 days straight.

I can hardly believe that this weekend marks The Week Leading Up To Christmas!!!!!!  Does anyone else feel like it has crept up on us unassumingly,  quietly and is ready to pounce?  Yeah. I do.  But it has definitely been a sweet time this year of enjoying the balmy weather, shopping for gifts for my family and getting excited about upcoming trips!

Though, I will say I haven’t taken enough time to remember what the heck this season is all about.  The best gift of all; the incarnation of my Savior!  I really hope that in the coming week I will slow down a bit and ponder the miracle of Jesus’ birth, the amazing work He did for us on the cross and what that means in my life! Can you imagine if we were living in a pre-incarnate Christ world?  What a blessing and a hope we have being able to look back at what the coming of Christ meant at the time and see the implications it has had on the world since then and the glorious hope we have for the future!  Hallelujah, Immanuel, God with us!


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