12 Days ‘Til Christmas Countdown-Day 1


On the twelfth day ’til Christmas my true love gave to me:

Snow boarding lessons for freeeeee (well, I got some pointers from my friends, Dave, Mike & Kirksy!)

At the top of Sugar-no it didn’t rain!

First run!

Kirksy, Mike, Me & Brian

Brian, Dave & I trekked to Boone on Sunday and got to spend the night with Brian’s brother Mike!  Then, the four of us plus Mike’s girlfriend Kirksy went snowboarding at Sugar on Monday.  Brian picked it up SO fast!  Especially for the guy that said he was just going to board for half the day then switch to skiing b/c he dind’t think he’d like snowboarding.  He’s by far better than I am as all I’m good for is snow plowing down one way or the other. 
Thanks to several friends for letting us borrow their gear!  We had a fun trip and we are feeling it today.  I never knew snowboarding was such an UPPER body workout.  Haha, at least it is when you fall a lot.  And talk about sore bums, youch!

Debbie getting instructions from Dave

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