Thankful for these


Thankful for these ladies.  They provided some much needed laughter and fun last week.  We made homemade pizza; had Christina’s interesting brownie “quiche” and settled in to make crafts.  I think it’s funny that I was the only one that brought an actual craft to work on when I consider myself the least “crafty” of the group…except for maybe Julie (though her slap bracelet was quite impressive!).

Julie’s craft: an embellished slap bracelet for XT:


Lauren’s craft-a hodge podge of items to make a Christmas tree ornament.  Sara helped me with a yarn wreath (it was sloooow going!).  And Katie worked on some graphic designs for new t-shirts.  She’s so creative…though I’m not sure this counts as a “craft”… ;-).

Christina’s Craft: cream cheese marble brownies (or something like that).  It was all fun until she realized that she forgot to include the flour.  It turned out more like a really chocolate-y “quiche”.  We ate about half of it with spoons.  Mmmm


Love you all!


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