Fire Pit


Well, we finished staining our deck.  Nothing like setting a deadline for yourself.  After I uploaded the deck stain post a couple weeks ago I told Brian I wanted to have people over to force us to not put off staining and get it done.

We were putting on the final touches the morning of our party.  And many many thanks go out to Sally, Brian’s mom, for helping us get our house/yard in order before people arrived.  Check it out.  Fresh flowers, freshly stained deck, fresh pansies, freshly stained mailbox and crock pot recipes warming on the counters. 


We had a fun time carving pumpkins and hanging out around the fire pit.  Brian and I even got to meet our neighbors, the Brewers!  It was fun to meet them because that’s my maiden name.  Fittingly, Mr. Brewer brews his own beer.  He even contributed some Pumpkin Ale for the party.  Yum!  Here’s a few pics of the pumpkin carving fun.  Several friends brought their cute kiddos.  I especially liked the dressed up Mary Wallace (an adorable strawberry costume her mommy made!).


Unfortunately, I wasn’t great at taking pictures once it got later.  I missed pics of a lot of people, but I’m glad you each stopped by!  And here are some photos of the very nice pumpkins people carved!


Good job, everybody!  And thanks for a fun evening!


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