So, I recently donated 8” of hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.  I hadn’t intentionally set out to grow my hair out for donation…but as time when by and it just kept getting longer I started contemplating the idea.  Just about the time I was getting completely tired of dealing with so much hair I had a coworker measure it.  From the nape of my neck it was about 10.5” and I was determined to get it chopped!

The same coworker recommended her stylist, Anthony at Crazy Combs so last Friday I called him up to see if he had something available.  I wasn’t expecting to be told, I have an opening at 2:30.  GULP!  I booked the appointment, printed off the inspiration photos I had collected on pinterest and prepared to take the plunge!

Here are the before shots.  Not a great make-up/outfit/hair day…it was casual Friday! What do you expect?


The stylist put my hair in a ponytail and soon there was no turning back!  I was surprised at how long my hair was even after the initial chop!  My stylist was hesitant to take the during shots because he didn’t want anyone to think he had purposely cut my hair in this fashion!  Haha.


And the afters.  The angle is weird but it gives you an idea of the style.  I really like how it turned out and it’s been fun and easy to maintain thus far.  Needless to say my hair doesn’t quite look like this when I’m done styling it…ha, but I’m still happy with how it turns out!



I hope my donated hair is going to be put to good use making some worthy recipient a beautiful wig!

Check it out, maybe you can donate your hair, too!


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