Stain Days

Uh oh.  Head feeling stuffy, head hurting, slight sniffle going on.  Hope it’s not the onset of my first cold this season :(.  Hoping it’s just a lack of sleep making me feel a little woozy.
Yay for Fall!  Brian and I are in the process of staining our deck.  We picked 5 sample colors and what did we go with?!  


A color we didn’t even sample!  Seriously.  So you won’t find it among the 5 shown above.  We looked at the Behr brochure and saw this house that was similar in color to ours, with white trim and said hey, that looks awesome, let’s do it.  It’s called Behr Sable solid stain.  
I admit, I was hesitant at first and was totally regretting biting the bullet on a color we hadn’t sampled.  I was convinced the chocolaty brown color shown in the pamphlet was in fact purple…well, had a purple hue.  But Brian assured me that it would dry beautifully; I wasn’t so sure.
I will post pictures once we’re done, but all I have to say is Ooo La La!  Loving it!  It’s gonna look so good once it’s all done.  We are excited to host a get together and haul out the fire pit soon!!

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