Oh, go jump off a cliff…


That might be a pretty mean insult…but not when it’s cliffs like this!  Sorry, the pics aren’t great b/c most were taken with my phone.

Monday of our trip Jack & Becky took us up to Abiquiu (abi-cue) Lake to test our nerves jumping from up to 35’ or 40’.  Brian & Jack had no fear and jumped right in off the tallest point.  Becky coaxed me to the 20 footer where I stood at the edge for forever before I decided to head down to the 10’ ledge.  She jumped off with no problem! I can typically “turn off” the fear factor in my brain and just go for things like this, but for some reason I was exceptionally timid this day.  I only jumped in 3x from the lowest edge before we decided to swim to the far side of the lake to skip rocks.

On the far side of the lake I got a little more comfortable with the water and Becky and I had fun doing front and back flips off a rock.  I even successfully completed 2 front flips with a full twist.  Too bad I couldn’t bring the camera with me :).  Jack attempted several times to do a front flip but just couldn’t quite get it.  He’s more of a diver and did some good dives off the rock!  After a bit, we decided to swim back to the cliffs so I could take some pictures of everyone jumping.

2011-08-15_14-36-15_109 top of the ridge, the cliffs are waaaaay down there.2011-08-15_14-32-08_749 midway down the ridge, getting closer!2011-08-15_14-14-21_875 one side2011-08-15_14-19-02_734 the other side

Sequence of Becky, Jack & Brian jumping (this is about 20-25’):


And from the higher point (35-40’):


And Brian and me jumping!”:


2011-08-15_14-20-19_6092011-08-15_14-20-26_852011-08-15_14-20-44_622 hi-fiving at the bottom!

Here’s a video of J, B & B jumping off the high cliff.  It was a beautiful day, perfect weather and we were the only ones there for most of the time.  The water was great and no one got hurt.  Yay!


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