Number 5…


Is alive!!!  Go Team Blue!


Well, we did it.  Becky and I have now run 5 half marathons together over the last 5 years!  Amazing really.  Amazing that we’ve run that many races together.  Amazing that we’ve done it consistently for 5 years!  Wow, 5 years has gone by fast!  It was my 7th race and her 8th. Lately, before every race I think to myself, “Hmm, isn’t it time I try to do a full marathon?”  And promptly after my race I remember why I haven’t ever attempted that!  Sore legs, tired body.  Maybe one day, just not yet :).

Special congratulations to Brian!  Way to knock out your FIRST race!  I’m so proud of you!  And us sea-levelers survived.  7700’ is quite the elevation change for us east-coasters!  We hyper-hydrated at the advice of a friend of ours from church and it definitely seemed to help.


I must say that this race was by far the prettiest one I’ve done.  It began in beautiful Ouray, CO (pronounced your-ay).  It’s considered the Little Switzerland of America.  Cute town, gorgeous surroundings.  And ended in Ridgway, CO.  There were pretty views  all along the race course.

We enjoyed some yummy Mexican food after the race before we made the 7 hour drive back to Santa Fe!  Fun fact (well, fact in that it’s true to me): Ouray had the highest concentration of Jeeps & Land Cruisers of any other town I’ve ever visited!





More about other parts of the trip to come.


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