New Mexico Day 1


Well, we’ve arrived in New Mexico yesterday and were met at the airport by Jack & Becky.  Because they don’t have a Chick-Fil-A in Santa Fe we hit it up in Albuquerque before we headed out of town.  After lunch we loaded up in the Flex to take a look-see of the area!

IMG_4627  Yay!  Glad Jack maintained his concentration on the road :).

They took us the long way around, the scenic route, to show off the lab and hospital in Los Alamos where Jack & Becky work.  The drive was so pretty.  The landscape is vastly different than our tree-filled southeast homeland, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.  It’s neat to see the variety of landscape across our country!


I like the style of the buildings around here.  Very adobe and Mexican-esque. 


The damage from the fire that raged through the area a few months ago was evident all along the scenic route.  The meadow below was surrounded by blackened trees.  The meadow is incredibly vast and you could see herds of something way off in the distance.  It is so pretty!  It was strange to see such greenery after so much brown.  These pictures make me think of something you might see in Ireland or something (though I have no idea if that’s accurate because I’ve never been there :-D).


Once we got to Becky and Jack’s home we all got dressed and went for a quick run.  Gotta try to get acclimated to this elevation before our half marathon this weekend!  If you’re wondering, the breathing part was ok for Brian and me but I was struck with a stomach bug that hindered my run pretty significantly. 

After our run we got cleaned up  so we could head out to Jack & Becky’s favorite burger spot, Bobcat Bite!  It’s a small place tucked just off the road out of town that only seats 26 people at a time.  You can read more about it here.  I enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger while Brian tried the bacon-green-chili cheeseburger.  It was yummy and it was fun to experience this place they’ve raved about since they’ve lived here!  Oh, and this is “monsoon” season so we actually have witnesses several fun thunderstorms roll through the area and had a few sprinkles since we’ve been here.  The area only gets 11” of rainfall per year!  After dinner we came home and I crashed.  Having been up since 3:45 Eastern time, I was pooped! 


We sure enjoyed our BIG burgers!  Mmm!


And a couple fun pictures.  Brian took a nice shot of the clouds.  And Becky and I realized we both bought grey & blue shoes that look incredibly similar.  It’s like we’re twins or something!  Ooh, this might mike a good Friday Who’s Who!  You all are getting too good at telling our faces apart :).  We are having a GREAT time here!  Can’t wait to see what else is in store for our visit!



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  1. In the picture of Becky and Jack sitting at the table, I TOTALLY could not tell if that was you or Becky!! I had to use clues from other pictures! That would have made a GREAT who's who picture.

    Tell them we say hi!

  2. Glad you guys had such a fun trip! Wish they took me to Bobcat Bites when i was there….but prolly no Philly Cheesesteak right? Did you guys like the green chili as much as i did? Hope Jack didnt get a speeding ticket this time….that Flex is fast. I'm guessing Debbie is the one farthest to the left in the shoe pic. Congrats to all the runners. -dave

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