Friday Who’s Who-Answer


Congratulations to everyone, but CJ…

Debbie is on the left, Becky is on the right! 

A few observations:

  • I look ridiculous and very “goody-goody”
  • Becky has her typical “evil face” on
  • Becky is thinking, this is stupid, I don’t want to pose for this picture
  • I’m thinking, ooh, I’m an angel, I’ll do just what I’m told
  • What was my mom thinking with these dresses??!!  Yikes
  • I bet the dresses were great for spinning! (girls you know what i’m talking about)
  • I like our ruffle socks
  • I remember loving the frilly headband
  • Is anyone else diggin the awesome 80’s wallpaper in the background?
  • My mom was the artist that made the two wooden art pieces on the walls
  • We had those table and chairs until I was out of college…and they were a garage sale fine to begin with!

I’ll try to get another picture posted next week!


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