Friday Who’s Who?


Alright, give me your best guess.  Is Debbie on the right or is that Becky?!  General comments about the photo are welcome. :)


I’ll reveal the right answer on Monday.  Make sure to check back then.


7 responses »

  1. What are you all wearing! I think Becky is the one of the right since she has that face of I don't really want to be here. I love it though, reminds of Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Debbie is definitely the one on the left. And I'm pretty sure your momma saved those dresses to pass down to your kids one day :)

  3. becky on the right. although the left doesn't look like you either debbie.

    but niiiiice dresses.

    agree with ashlee on the anne of green gables comment. mixed with a littel shirly temple as well:)

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