Virginia Creeper


This past weekend we got the clan together and took a trip to Damascus, VA to go camping and ride the Virginia Creeper trail on our bikes.  We took a group of 14 and had a blast.

Aside from the rain we got Friday night and the overcast skies Saturday morning the weather was great, a tad chilly, but a welcome break from the scorching heat we’d been having back home.  We woke up each morning to tasty breakfasts cooked by David one morning & Jerry the next. 

Saturday we loaded up the bikes and headed to the Creeper.  After a bit of shuffling we were ready to head down the trail.  At the end of this post is a quick video of the trek.  I’m a bit disappointed in the quality.  It looked a lot crisper before I uploaded it to youtube.  Sigh, silly resolution restrictions.

Anyway, here are some photos from the trip.  Easier for you to click on that link to view them than for me to post a bunch on here.

Here’s the video:

I’m not in a very wordy mood today so this is all the write up you’re going to get.  I’ll post comments/descriptions on the pictures on facebook if you want more deets about the weekend.

Jack and Becky, this is for you (it’s not tooooooo awkward ;-) )!!

Off to the beach for yet another day trip.  Woop Woop, we live in a great place I tell ya!


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  1. I did the creeper trail once… In the light of the moon… With a mojito in my water bottle. Girls weekend camping trip:) wouldn't it be awesome to have a cabin near one of the little towns on the trail? Taylors valley or whatever the one is where there is a cute country restaurant. Oh and where is our video? ;-P

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