Red, white & blue


A bit late, but eh.

Independence Day will forever be a special day for me, not because we celebrate our country’s freedom, but because it was this day 4 years ago that Brian asked me to be his wife :).  Thanks, B!!

Anyway, this July 4th weekend didn’t include fireworks.  But it did include lots of painting, power washing, a beach trip and cookout with friends! 

We had our friends Craig & Beth over along with Tracy, Rob & Keirsten.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bust out the camera when everyone was here and only snagged a couple pictures from the evening.  I tried to be all Martha Stewart and copied these strawberries I found from a favorite blog I follow.  I think they turned out pretty well.  They tasted great in any case!


Well, after dinner we all piled in the cars to go watch the fireworks!  If you read my intro you know, no fireworks.  The Town of Cary cancelled their firework display because of the major thunderstorm that rolled through that evening.  Oh well, we’ll catch them next year.

We headed back to the house to play some games.  Craig & Beth are gamers, yay!  I love playing games.  So, we busted out Yatzee.  They hadn’t played in years and I think maybe Craig had never played (I may be wrong saying that).  We had a great time and lots of laughs.  The first game was pretty uneventful and no one got a Yatzee.  We were actually kind of surprised because usually at least ONE person gets lucky in a game.  So we decided to play another round before we called it quits for the night.  Well, what little luck we had in the first game was completely reversed in the 2nd.  Craig & Brian both got Yatzees on 3s.  I got Yatzee on 4s.  And Beth got Yatzee on 4s AND 1s.  It was crazy and the reaction each time was hilarious.  We would all throw our hands up yelling OHHH or WOOOW or WOOO.  You get the idea.  Needless to say, the 2nd game was much more entertaining and exciting.

Before we could have folks over, though, we had several major projects we wanted to complete.  I’ll share about that and our beach trip in separate posts.

Now, to leave you with a funny video of Beth posing for the perfect Yatzee “picture”:


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