Who’s Who Answer


Well, thanks for all the guesses.  I admit, I wasn’t 100% confident knowing which one was Becky and which one was me.  But I’m pretty certain now that I’ve got it figured out.  Brian and I debated back and forth and his argument was pretty convincing which is why I’m pretty confident I know the right answers.  Oh, and my mom confirmed that I got it right, so you know it’s right!

Most of you don’t know this, but my right ear is slightly misshapen and when I was a baby the middle of it stuck flat to my head.  What made the first picture difficult is that I couldn’t see the right ears very well.  But from what I could see I can confidently say that:

Bald babies answer
That’s right.  I’m on the left and Becky is on the right.  You can see Becky’s normally shaped right ear and although I can’t see the other right ear the fact that baby on the right’s ear is normal is a dead giveaway. 

The second picture was a lot easier because in my opinion Becky and I were beginning to develop more into what I think we look like now.  So without further ado:

bath time answer

I wonder what my mom or dad was doing that was so funny to make us all look up and smile?  Mom…wanna fill us in? Hehe!

Thanks for playing!  I’ll try to do this every other week or so if I remember :). 


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