Texas Tumbleweed


I’m about to share something with you that may or may not make you want to a) not be my friend anymore or b) stop following my blog, if you happen to be one of my few followers.

S0, I encountered a Texas tumbleweed in my house last week.  Seriously.  I can prove it:


Yes.  IT IS what you think!  It’s a picture I drew in 5th grade!!!  Isn’t it awesome?!  Oh, no?  That’s not what you were talking about?
Oh, well yes.  That too is what you think.  Is that not the biggest hairball you’ve ever SEEN?!?!

That, my friends, is what you can scrape off your carpets if you don’t vacuum regularly. But in my defense, my hair is longer these days than it has been in years, and I shed like CRAZY!  But believe me, I’ve learned my lesson.  Does this face not communicate that clearly?  (Disregard the crazy hair and workout clothes…we’re in training people!)


Anyway, back to my drawing.  A few funny observations:
1) You can’t see it but this little piece of art received an Honorable Mention at the Texas Livestock Show & Rodeo.  Yeehawwww!
2) I was obviously still learning the whole concept of depth perception.
3) My cacti can defy the law of gravity; well one of them can anyway.
4) One cactus has an unusually long “arm”!  Looks like it’s trying to sneak his arm around his friend there.
5) Apparently myyyyy clouds are blue.  Must have been a doosey of a storm rolling in…
6) At least all my mountains are shaded on the same side.
Alright, go ahead, what other observations can you make about my awesome artwork?  :0)

Sorry if this post grossed you out!  Tricia, do you remember Vladimir’s wife (can’t pull her name out at the moment) scrubbing the hair out of our carpets??!!  Ewwwww!  My carpet sure feels & looks clean now!


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  1. Haha, I love your face in that picture!! And actually, I think the drawing is really good! I would totally put it on a wall. Jenn was always good about reminding us to clean out our hairbrushes – also huge hairballs, haha.

  2. OOOOOH Man I couldn't stop laughing. You know, after years of seeing that picture I had NEVER noticed the blue clouds. Awesome. You were always the artistic one ;) I was the musical one, except for that time you took chorus and taught me the 50 Nifty United States song…aah :) Love it. Just sang that song on a run with my friends a few weeks back. We even harmonized.

  3. Becky, that's awesome! I loved that song :). And Brian and I in fact saw blue clouds on our drive home from Atlanta yesterday. So, my drawing may not be completely bizarre! And, don't forget, I DID play the cymbals once for one of your concerts, ahem. Who's the musical one now??!!

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