Visitors Welcome!


That’s right.  Our guest room is made up and ready for you to come visit.  We love house guests!  So, if you’re not from around here and are making your way to the RDU area and need a place to stay you’ve got a room here :0). 

The room was a creamy yellow that didn’t really flow with the overall feel of the rest of the house.  We’ve used greys, blues and a sand color in all the other rooms of the house.  Every time I went into the yellow room I would look around and wonder what in the world I could do to begin decorating it.  I couldn’t  decide what accent color to use or even what color or pattern to use on a bed spread.

Here is a before picture: as you can see, it was very mismatched and not very pretty.  The bedside table and lamp are new and were purchased to compliment the new color and other decorations we had planned for the room.


My idea for the room was for it to be quiet, calming, peaceful.  A place of rest for a weary traveler.  A place of comfort and serenity.  I think we achieved that for the most part.

After shots:  The walls appear blue on my screen, but they’re actually a cool, sea-foamy green (Glidden: Gentle Tide)


Don’t mind the cleaning supplies in the last picture (woops).  The lamp and beside table are from World Market.  The bed is from Ikea.  The white bedding and accent pillows are from Target.  The wall art (flowers) came with the furniture from my parents and the white Ikea frames are filled with a couple of cut-outs from some scrapbooking paper I’ve had laying around for years. 

We moved the desk from the room to create more space and put it in the separate guest room (that needs a bit more work).  To update the look of the furniture that’s been in my family since I was in elementary school, we added glass knobs to the top of the dresser (tying it in with the beside table’s glass knobs) and fun cup pulls on the bottom drawers.  We added the same cup pulls to the desk along with more industrial looking knobs on the top drawers.


My mom came up for a visit this past week (Wed-Sat) and was the first guest to utilize our fresh, new room.  She, along with my sister Tracy and Brian helped me with a simple art project to help fill the area above the dresser.  We have plans to put a mirror on the wall, eventually, once we can find one that fits the space and the overall feel of the room.  We got the idea for this project from younghouselove.  I like to peruse that blog now and then for fun decorating/DIY home project ideas.  I am pretty satisfied with the end result.  What do you think?



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  1. debbie – the room looks great!!! and i love the DIY artwork…quite impressive and makes me want to do some painting myself. in all my spare time. :)

    congrats on finishing the guest room yall!

  2. That turned out really good! You guys did a great job on the furniture. I love the bed and I like how you hung up Brian's painting (where's yours?!)

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