Rugged Maniac Take 2


So my previous post about the Rugged Maniac 5k we ran in March just wouldn’t be complete without some action shots!  Yes, yes, I know there is a watermark on these pictures.  That’s b/c I kinda snipped them from the website.  Anyway, whatever.

A little balancing act:

brian balanceCathering Balancejoey balancekristin balanceme balance

I like seeing how everyone tackled the slippery plank.  And it’s hilarious how covered in mud we all were.




Ready Set Go

The slide was the last obstacle we went through.  It was nice to get a lot of the caked-on mud washed off :).  Hehe. 

These next pictures are interesting (and hilarious) as they pretty well depict what was going through our heads as we went down!

bloody murder  Catherine…not so sure about this thing, screaming bloody murder all the way down!  Love it!  Makes me laugh every time.

Brian sliding Brian trying to slow himself down, thinking oh crap!! 

Joey slidingkristin sliding Joey & Kristin thinking, I’m supposed to enjoy this, right?!

Weeeee Me thinking, WEEEEEEeeeee, this is awesome!!  Oblivious of anything other than the thrill of the ride!

There are many other pictures but I thought these captured a lot of the essence of the race.  So fun.

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