ATTAAaaaaCK!  Well, that’s what we got to play with Keirsten when she came to visit this week!  It was fun having an impromptu game night.  Thanks, Tracy for cooking dinner!  I’ve been enjoying family time recently.  I couldn’t believe how grown up my niece has gotten.  We had a good time doing gymnastics in the grass.  She was showing off her handstands and running cartwheels.  Can’t wait for you to come back this summer, K!  Love you!

The Fam.


Rob showing off his shuffling skills.  I think my favorite part is his tongue sticking out in concentration! 


Keirsten being…Keirsten.  Oh, and the one of Brian makes me laugh.  He had no idea I was taking the picture.  Hence the shot of my underarm in the upper left :), hehe!  He was having a goooood time…no really, he was.  We were just pooped from not a lot of sleep the night before!  Click the picture to enlarge, you have to see his mouth; cracks me up every time.


Thankful we got to spend some QT with Keirsten on her quick visit!


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