So long, Juliana


So, you remember when I told you about Juliana?  Well, sadly, it appears we aren’t going to be friends after all.  But I think I’m ok with that. 


Instead, I’ll be making acquaintances with Ellsworth Truth  (aka Ellie?).  And yes, she’s pink :).  Ellie is being shipped from California Colorado as I’m posting this and should be here by midweek next week!  I’m excited to try her out.  I feel a little bad because I’m not great at understanding what is a nice bike and what is an average bike.  But apparently this is a nice bike.  All I know is I’m excited for it to get here and take it for a spin.



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  1. Well, she wasn't going to be available until the very end of April and Brian found this one for sale. Yes, it's a couple years old but its components are a lot nicer than Juliana and is overall a much nicer bike for about the same price. So, call me impatient, but I agreed i'd like to have the new bike sooner than later so we went ahead and bought Ellie and canceled the order Juliana!

    PS: i'm curious who you are, anonymous.

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