Color Coded

For the most part I consider myself normal.  Whatever that means.  But I do have one slightly weird obsession.  Maybe it is better considered an obsessive compulsive habit?  I was reminded of it this morning as I ate my Gushers.  That’s right, I eat Gushers.  They’re like a childhood teleporter.  Only, not really b/c I don’t think my mom ever bought us Gushers for our lunches when I was growing up.
Anyway, my obsession is this.  I have to eat things in pairs or combinations.  But this only applies to colored candies, for instance, Skittles or M&Ms.  Even if I just have a handful I find myself picking off the lone colors, or the colors that have more than any of the others until I have an equal number of each color.  Then I eat one of each color at a time.  Then, and this might make me weird, when I get down to only one of each color left I pair them up.  Kind of like a color coordination marriage.  Favorite combos:
Red/Brown (my least favorite, but you gotta eat the brown somehow)
You get the idea…
Not sure why I felt the urge to share this tidbit about myself.

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  1. That's fun. Things like that make us unique :) As far as childhood teleporters.. I eat cereals like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops, mainly because we weren't bought sugary cereal, so it fun to get into something that makes me feel like a kid.

  2. I do the same thing. Also, if I get a box of lucky charms to treat myself I eat the marshmallows in order in each bowl. With M&M's if I'm down to just a few I will make color tiered pyramids in my hands too. It's more fun to be quirky :)

  3. I pick off the loners as well and then the ones with more than the others. I also then eat one of each, but save my favs for last. So I'll intentionally start with one I don't like and then make sure I end on my fav. Glad I'm not the only odd one haha!

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