Ahh, it feels good to check another project off the list!  Back in February, when we went to DC, we took a quick detour on the way home and stopped at IKEA.  We’ve wanted to do a frame collage above the love seat in the living room for a while, and IKEA’s inexpensive, classic-looking frames were just what we needed to get the project started.

I honestly thought that it would be months and months before we actually got around to finding pictures, artwork, whatever to put in the frames.  But, thanks to Kristin we got a jump start on the project.  She gave me the following print, appropriately entitled Twins.  I decided today to put it in a frame and then felt motivated to find other things to fill the rest of them.


After putting in the Twins print I kind of felt at a loss of what else to put in the other frames. Brian suggested scraps of some of his old patterned fabric.  He also sacrificed his old Ansell Adams posters of Yosemite’s El Capitan, which we cut up and put in two frames.  Anyway, it’s hard to describe so I’ll stop and just give you the pictures-you can click on them to make them bigger and possibly see what we put in each frame.


We figured out the general layout on the floor.  Then I taped up cutouts of each frame so we could make sure it looked how we wanted it above the couch.


Thanks to Brian for figuring out where to put all the nails. I think it turned out really well!

In other news:
My leg looks like I got mauled by a bear.  I fell off my bike.  Again.  I hit my leg in the same place as before, but this time the sprocket actually pierced the skin.  I think what was most embarrassing was that I fell over right in front of the window at Char Grill!  The ladies sitting inside had shocked looks on their faces.  I’m not sure if they were shocked to see me fall, or shocked that Brian didn’t try to help me up!  I’m really not THAT bad at using my clipless pedals; it just so happened that I had my right foot unclipped and my bike tipped to the left.  There’s just not much you can do in that situation.  The unfortunate part was that my foot didn’t come unclipped when I landed so I had to sit there with the bike on top of me while I wriggled loose.  Well, I got a good laugh out of it, picked my bike up, dusted off my pride and off we went.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t scar!



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