Not a quality I claim to possess.  But, every now and then I feel obligated to try to do something artistic.  Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by creative people in my life.  It’s a good thing.

Anyway, here is my attempt at creativity.  I went to paint your pot with two co-workers.  It was really relaxing to have the studio pretty much to ourselves.  I chose this vase to paint.  Maybe I’ll get some flowers from someone to put it in once it’s done…hint, hint.


After the initial nervousness that comes every time I begin something I am not confident in, I decided to just dive in.  Here’s the finished product, pre-firing.  I hope the colors (yellows and oranges) turn out vividly.  I can go pick it up on Saturday.  If I remember, I’ll do a before and after comparison.


Catherine and Crystal working on their projects.  I really like seeing each person’s creativity come out in their work.


Here is Crystal’s other piece she completed that night.  Adorable.


Catherine’s completed paint your pot project from her previous visit.  Love the colors and the random pig. Nice.


Thank you, ladies for an enjoyable evening! 

When I got home that night this is what was waiting for me on the banister.


That’s right.  Be jealous!  Brian occupied his evening alone with making me a new purse.  Love it.  I love the color, the design, the functionality, the size.  It’s great.  Maybe, if you ask nicely, he’ll make something similar for you or that special gal in your life :).  I haven’t asked him about this yet, so I can’t guarantee he actually will.  But he’s a pretty nice guy…and he loves to design things.  I bet for the right amount of dough he’d do it, though.

Thanks, B for your creativiTY.  (I like that it rhymes.)


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