House on Fire!


Well, that’s the way it looked anyway.  Check it:


So, if it wasn’t on fire, what in the world caused so much “smoke”, you might ask?  Well…

IMG_3533          IMG_3535

You got it.  Due to an enormous crack from what appears to be a repair the previous owners did on that wall there was a ton of spackling that needed to be done.  Also, the previous owners had surround sound and the wires ran behind some molding that had been placed in the corner.  We took out the wiring and Brian ripped out the molding so the corner needed some TLC.  The result, a “firestorm”, if you will, that covered every square inch of our downstairs with a layer of fine dust…and if you notice in the corner there, not just a layer, but a pile. 

This all happened between 9:30 am and 11:00 am on Saturday, before we headed out to play spring league. 

We got home from that around 4 and were met by Kristin soon after.  She helped us jump into gear.  We had to beat out all the cushions, dust every surface and wipe every wall.  We even tried vacuuming the couch and tables.  I’ve vacuumed, swept, swiffered, and sharked the floors several times and I still feel a little grit under my feet when I walk.

IMG_3536          IMG_3537

Next, we finally began painting.  So long icky pink!  Hello, calming gray!

IMG_3540IMG_3541IMG_3539IMG_3557          IMG_3558

I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  I think I’ve been sold on Behr Premium Paint & Primer in one.  We did the both rooms in one coat and with less than a gallon of paint.  I was so happy to not have to do a 2nd coat.  HUGE HUGE thank you goes out to Kristin, Brian’s sister, for her incredible help.  She had, by far, imo, the toughest painting job…the big roller.  She worked tirelessly for 2 hours with no complaining!  I am so happy to have this project behind us, and couldn’t have done it without her!

A BIG thank you also to Brian for sanding and edging everything.  He worked really hard and didn’t complain either.  Those Lowthers sure are great :). 


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