7 Deadly Sins


According to Wikipedia (and we know everything on Wiki is absolutely true…) “the currently recognized version of the list [of 7 deadly sins] is usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.”{1}

Why am I talking about the 7 deadly sins you might ask?  Well because you’re about to commit one of them, maybe. 

I’ve been using a trusty Dell my dad bought me when I was a senior in college.  If you know me, you know how long ago that was.  This thing is a beast.  It’s died, oh, 3 times now maybe, and every time it’s been resurrected and will not quit!  It even got dropped on its head all the way over in Uzbekistan, made the cross-world voyage to Dell HQ and back and kept on ticking with a new whateveritwastheyreplaced (motherboard?  does this word sound like some sort of alien lingo to anyone else?).  All that to say, Dad, you purchased a great machine and it has served me well.

But let’s face it.  A seven year old laptop is just not going to cut it these days.  Shoot, I just revealed my age… I digress.  Well, Brian broke down and decided to purchase me a new laptop.  We are already fondly referring to it as my lappy 3000!  Brian’s is the lappy 2000 and since mine will be newer it deserved a “better” name. 

Introducing!  The new HP Envy!  Isn’t it slick looking?!  Oh, and if you clicked the link and know Brian at all, he definitely didn’t pay what it says there for it.  I’m glad he’s good at getting a bargain!

hp-envy-14 hp_envy_14_series_notebook_480

It is currently in CA on it’s way to NC.  Can’t wait for it to arrive.  It has a built in web-cam so I can Skype with Becky and Jack more easily…or any of you that may Skype….  It will be much faster and have more memory and hard drive space.  Yippee!  I’m excited.  Happy early birthday to me! 

So, sorry if I made you commit sin number 6 :).


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  1. Yay!! I love my hp, and I'm sure you will love yours too :) they look ever so slightly similar, although I'm sure yours has more tricks. And lastly, I'm kinda glad you guys call them lappys! Joey doesn't really appreciate my nickname for them, but now I feel kinda normal :)

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