It’s Christmastime!


Well, not really anymore.  But here are some photos from Christmas.  Christmas morning Brian and I got up and opened our gifts from one another before heading to the Lowther’s for breakfast and more family time.

The Tree!  10’ tall or so

Fav 5 gifts:
1.  A Johnny Mac!  (Got a backpack full of tracts and a johnnymac) 10 pts if you can name that song 
2. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Watch
3. Pottery Barn Floor Lamp
4. Tons o’ SmartWool socks
5. Some sweet new running gear
A pic of me wearing all my favorite new gear!  Yikes, bed head.

I’m not sure what Brian would claim as his favorite gifts.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do as good a job getting him gifts as he did for me.  He got some new skewers and a grill  brush from Williams & Sonoma and a mug from Starbucks he really wanted!  The grill tools will come in handy when we cook the Omaha Steaks my parents got for him.  Mmmm.


At breakfast at the Lowther’s we each wrote a thank you to Jesus and put it in a box.  It was nice to reflect on the gift of Christ and remember his blessings in our lives.  After breakfast we opened more presents and just enjoyed each others company before we headed to Danville, VA to see Grandmommy, Sharon, Bob, Vicki & Ben.

It's Christmastime! 036It's Christmastime! 013 It's Christmastime! 003 It's Christmastime! 005 It's Christmastime! 014   It's Christmastime! 006It's Christmastime! 017It's Christmastime! 034 It's Christmastime! 018 It's Christmastime! 028    It's Christmastime! 035It's Christmastime! 033

It was snowing on the way up to Danville and there was probably 1 1/2 inches of snow on the ground when we got there.  Due to the weather we didn’t get to stay long before we headed back to Raleigh.  They were calling for 3-6 inches in Raleigh.  We went to bed late with not even a flurry in sight and woke up to a winter wonderland!  We got about 5 inches the day after Christmas.  It snowed all morning and didn’t let up until around lunchtime.  The picture below was taken around 9am.



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