May = Birthday!


 2010ish 390
May is a fun month. There is birthday after birthday.  Brian’s on the 7th, Kara’s on the 14th and Mary’s on the 21st!  Oh, and Mike’s on the 25th.  Wow!  That’s a lot of special days. And special days mean special red plates!  This year we got to have Becky around to celebrate.  She made the yummy cake and even decorated it with sprinkles.  Good job, Becky!

2010ish 3822010ish 376 
Becky went a little overboard with the sprinkles and it turned into a blob
  2010ish 379
Me, Brian, Kristin, Sally & Jennifer enjoying the fire pit.  The smoke makes this picture a little fuzzy.
2010ish 386
Kara and friends came over for a quick birthday bash.  Kara & Krew blowing out the brownies.
2010ish 389


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