Ok, ok, so here’s more like what we’re going to get. Maybe 12″ was a bit much?! :)
But still! 5″ is significant around these parts! I’ll post again after the event and let you know what we reallllllllly got :)

Are YOU ready?!
Looking forward to 12″ they’re calling for!!

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  1. snow. tim and I were in raleigh for four years. did we get snow once? ok yes. but maybe an inch. but now y'all are getting bookus os snow. what the heck. and now I live in texas… I will leave it at that. joy. I need joy :) debster, I love your blog.

  2. We'll see…

    I heard on the radio that several airlines are canceling all flights in and out of RDU tomorrow.

    Last time they did that, we didn't get a flake of snow and my parents missed their flight to catch their cruise ship!

    I'd love to get a bunch of snow, but the ice and the possibility of losing power with Josiah makes me a little nervous.

  3. yeah, we'll see what we actually get :) Sometimes they're spot on, but more often than not they over-forecast the amount, and sometimes they under-forecast. I hope we don't lose power either!

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