Distressed Leather


Brian and I are one step closer to having a finished formal living room!  Over the last week or so Brian found several jewels on Craigslist.  We were searching high (Knoxville, TN) and low (Atlanta, GA) and every where in between for the perfect chair to create our reading nook in the living room.

Well, my heart was set on a distressed leather chair.  Only problem, it was in Charlotte.  Thankfully, some friends of ours were headed to Charlotte for a baby shower (yay!) and agreed to pick up the chair for us (thanks dave & kara!)

I was so excited when Dave brought it over.  Check it out!! It fits perfectly in its new home and its in near perfect condition.  Thanks to Brian for his search efforts and finding a great addition to our living room.

Picture 020The new chair! 
Picture 018
Comfy reading nook!
Picture 014
Brian enjoying his new chair :-)

Next up, the downstairs hall bathroom!  Here’s a sneak peak.  You might understand why they had a pink vanity in there after all!  Yes, we were just as horrified when Brian found this little snippet! 
  Picture 010 More updates coming soon!


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  1. Debs,
    Thanks for the comment. I like the idea of the reminder on your computer. Maybe while I'm at work I can put a note card in my pocket to help me with different things I'm struggling with throughout the day. Thanks for always being so encouraging! Love you! Looking forward to a few more weeks!

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