Friday’s Who’s Who?


I think I’m going to try to make this a regular post. I post a picture of my twin sister and me and you, my lovely reader, get to try to guess who’s who! This may be a good Friday post, but with travel and such I can’t guarantee it will be every Friday.

Thus, the picture:

So, how good are you? Post your comment!


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  1. I say you're the one on the top-left breaking out the double arm flex.

    No no… I see what you're up to here though. See, you're wearing the NC State pig pickin' shirt, trying to make everybody think “Well, Becky went to State, so that must be her…”

    I'm on to your tricks :0)

  2. Debbie is definitely the one in the red. I should be banned from this game like a card-counter in Vegas… I'm just TOO GOOD! ;)

  3. that one's too easy. i have some pics I need to send you that may be harder to tell. hien and i were trying to figure out what it was about our faces that are different. we “narrowed” it down to eyes, nose and mouth. hmmm. :) love you!

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