The Hamricks House


This past weekend we crashed G & Mary’s house in Herndon, VA while for the Chesapeake Open Ultimate tournament. They graciously allowed us to stay in their new-to-them home, even though they couldn’t be there with us. Thank you again Hamricks for your hospitality.

Here are some pictures of their home. Unfortunately, it was dark while we were trying to take these so we didn’t get many b/c the lighting was poor and the flash was doing funny things.

This is a picture of their pretty, new stainless appliances in the kitchen.

The Living Room

This was a really neat art piece that G made.
I think Brian and I may be copying it soon :)

Here’s a sneak peak at a new purse Brian made for Mary
as a thank you for letting us crash their place!

The weekend was fun, and Brian’s team did really well losing in the Finals after a hard-fought match against a team from Atlanta, GA. Way to go Ring of Fire. Being near DC makes me want to go back for a sight-seeing tour of the city…which I haven’t done since I was going into 4th grade. I think we’ll be calling on G & Mary in the near(ish) future. 8-)

To a fun trip!


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