A Picture I like


Who’s who? Can you tell? :)


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  1. I vote that you're the one in the pink. I am pretty confident for once. Now that I use this google reader thing, I always see your posts! Very handy- I was missing everyone's blog posts for weeks.

  2. yes, debbie is in coral, becky is in blue…and do i get bonus points for telling you that the pic was taken at Ron's Barn the night of our rehearsal dinner?!!

  3. Gosh, you guys are good! Way to go:) I may have to start a series on my blog…Who's Who? And post random pictures of Becky and me to see who can guess who is who! Thanks for playing!! :)

  4. Ohhh I KNOW I KNOW :) I like the idea of a series. I could post some on mine from pics I have. That would be fun. We could link to each other's blog and have poeple vote. OR, I could just let you do it and not take all the thunder…thunderstealerbeckymybad.

    Miss you!!

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