Flourishing Fauna


Here are some photos of how my edgeworthia is progressing!

I love seeing how abundant my plant is becoming. I’m so thankful it seems to be growing well. Every time I take a look at it I notice new leaf buds sprouting out the top!

And something hilarious. Spellchecker didn’t like the word edgeworthia so it suggested the following:

  • Noteworthiness
  • Blameworthiness
  • Praiseworthiness
  • Seaworthiness

Tehee :)

And a picture of my fern…bouncing back to life! I can’t wait until this guy is jumbo and fills in that corner of the plant bed.
Anyone know what that pretty bush behind the fern is? I love the star shaped leaves but have no idea what it is!



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  1. Thanks Amy! I normally kill things too, b/c I forget to water them. Thankfully it's been rainy lately b/c it started drooping pretty bad in June and early July when we were not getting as much precipitation!

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